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Responsible Driver Guarantee®

At Intact Insurance, our valued customers with good driving habits get more than just preferred rates; they get the Responsible Driver Guarantee®. This means if you should be involved in your first at-fault accident Intact Insurance guarantees not to increase your auto insurance premium. Your good driving record won’t be compromised for as long as you maintain your insurance policy with us and your Claims-Free Renewal Discount will still apply.*

Our Responsible Driver Guarantee® is free of charge once you have been an Intact Insurance auto or property policyholder for seven consecutive years. If you are a new policyholder, ask us how you can receive all these benefits for just pennies a day.

* Certain conditions, restrictions and exclusions may apply

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Quality Auto Insurance in Sturgeon Falls provided by Brokers

If you're seeking auto insurance in Sturgeon Falls, you'll need an insurance company you can depend on. Call us today or speak with your broker about our tailored combination of protection, value and exceptional customer service.

As Canada's largest provider of home, business and auto insurance Intact Insurance works with the industry's most extensive network of brokerage offices from coast-to-coast. More brokers count on Intact Insurance than any other auto insurance provider. That's because they recognize our ability to provide our clients with quality auto insurance, superior customer service and effective insurance solutions.

Auto insurance designed with you in mind

You can feel confident choosing Intact Insurance, whether you are searching for new or first-time auto insurance in Sturgeon Falls or looking into updating an existing policy. At Intact Insurance, our priority is to help you to get back to your standard routine as quickly as possible and the nationwide network of experts we work with, help to do just that.

Request a quote online or contact us to learn more about auto insurance in Sturgeon Falls.

Our auto insurance clients benefit from many conveniences, including:

The Right Coverage for Your Needs

You have our guarantee that Intact Insurance will be available to help whenever you need us, day or night. We guarantee that when you call our 24/7 Claims Service, you will be speaking with an experience, knowledgeable Intact Insurance Representative within 30 minutes or we’ll write you a cheque for the amount of your annual premium, up to a maximum of $1,000*. From start to finish, you will receive outstanding service that’s easy, fair and respectful and delivers on our promise to you.

Rely Network ®

At Intact Insurance, we always keep the person behind the auto insurance claim at the forefront. If you are faced with an unexpected event, the Rely Network® provides Intact Insurance clients with access to certified collision repair shops in your local area where you will receive priority service and quality workmanship. We are so confident that you can trust the workmanship of our Rely Network® professionals that we guarantee the repairs for as long as you own the vehicle.

We’ll Take Your Word for It

At Intact Insurance, should an accident occur, our focus is to get you back to normal. That’s why after you report the accident and make a car insurance claim, we take your word for it and grant permission for repairs to begin on your car. No waiting for a police or a third-party report. You‘ll be back on the road before you know it.*

One bill. One payment. One renewal date. It’s that easy!

When you combine home and auto insurance solutions from Intact Insurance, you’ll enjoy the best value for your dollar. Not only will you save money on both home and auto insurance, you’ll enjoy the convenience option of paying just one bill and save yourself time. Another clear convenience to combining policies is that there’s only one deductible to submit even if you make concurrent claims on both your home and auto insurance. Talk to your broker about My Home and Auto® today.

At Intact Insurance, we offer loyal customers who possess good driving habits more than just preferred rates; we offer them the Responsible Driver Guarantee®. This means your auto insurance premium is guaranteed not to be affected should you be involved in your first at-fault accident. Your clean driving record will remain unchanged and your Claims-Free Renewal Discount will still apply* for as long as you maintain your insurance policy with us.

Turn to Intact Insurance and get back on track quickly.

* Certain terms and conditions may apply.