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Auto insurance in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario

Choosing the right auto insurance in Sturgeon Falls to protect you, your family and your vehicle is an important decision, make the right choice. You’ll want to find auto insurance that perfectly blends the coverage you need, the value you want and the superior customer service you deserve.

To become Canada’s largest provider of home, business and car insurance, Intact Insurance has built an extensive network of independent brokers from British Columbia to Newfoundland. More brokers count on Intact Insurance than any other provider. So if you need coverage in Sturgeon Falls that puts your needs first, look no further than Intact Insurance.

Bundle and you could save hundreds*
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Auto insurance that puts people first

The physical, emotional and financial costs of automobile accidents or vehicle theft can greatly outweigh the toll of skimping on insurance. Our extensive nationwide network of professionals will help you get back to your daily routine quickly and effectively.

Receive the best value for your dollar when you combine home and auto insurance solutions from Intact Insurance. Save money when you combine both types of insurance and save yourself some time with the convenience and flexibility of paying just one bill. If you find that you need to make claims on both your home and auto insurance at the same time, there’s only one deductible to apply. Talk to your broker in Sturgeon Falls about My Home and Auto® today.

Responsible Driver Guarantee®

At Intact Insurance, we offer loyal customers who possess good driving habits more than just preferred rates; we offer them the Responsible Driver Guarantee®. This means your auto insurance premium is guaranteed not to be affected should you be involved in your first at-fault accident. Your clean driving record will remain unchanged and your Claims-Free Renewal Discount will still apply* for as long as you maintain your insurance policy with us.

Request a quote online or contact us to learn more about car insurance in Sturgeon Falls.

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The Intact Difference

Our auto insurance clients benefit from many conveniences, including:

Claims Guarantee24/7 Claims Service Guarantee

Day or night, Intact Insurance is available to help whenever you need us. We guarantee that when you call our 24/7 Claims Service, you will be speaking with an experience, knowledgeable Intact Insurance Representative within 30 minutes or we’ll write you a cheque for the amount of your annual premium, up to a maximum of $1,000*. We are of the firm belief that nothing is more important than delivering on our promise to you, so we strive to provide an overall experience that’s easy, fair and respectful.

Rely NetworkRely Network ®

Our customers enjoy exclusive access to reliable, professional service and repair with the Rely Network® of certified collision repair shops in Sturgeon Falls and beyond.

Synchro InsuranceWe’ll Take Your Word for It

At Intact Insurance, should you experience an unfortunate accident, helping you get back to normal is our main priority. That’s why when you report an accident and make a car insurance claim, we simplify the process, take your word for it and give approval for immediate repairs to your car. No police or third-party report is required. You‘ll be back on the road before you know it.*